Sunday, September 30, 2007

What I bought there....

OK, so I'm going to bias this site's photos toward my successes, I'll intersperse a few of the un-winning purchases in text.

At Warrenton, like I told you on that post, I had my guard up. Although it felt like I was a really successful wheeler dealer (was that part of their plan??) when I got home and checked on eBay I found I was taken for a ride on some of my purchases. At one table I got a cool table cloth with cowboys on it. I asked if it was vintage, and the lady said she honestly didn't know. Well it isn't. But I got it for $11 so no biggie.

Then there was the couple who sold me a vintage Disney puzzle and Halloween cat mask. Those items certainly got my attention with their bright colors. I bargained for a while and got them together for $30. I think the mask MAY sell for $7 on eBay. The puzzle, who knows, because I don't see anything similar listed. So, that might be this week's .......ITEM OF SUSPENSE! It is listed right now and I'll tell you how it goes. After the ash tray I'm a sucker for Disney stuff.

NOTE: Items of suspense are just a step away from FIND OF THE WEEK, so I'm pulling for this little puzzle.

I bought a great Santa decoration for myself like the one Dad had as a kid. I already have one that matches his, but this is a bigger version and even Dad had never seen one before. I'm keeping it.

I bought a 1941 Girl Scout book for $3, worth $2 on eBay.

I bought an American Girl doll. In the past the American Girl Estate Sale was my shining estate sale moment and at some point I'll record that whole chain of events on this website. Needless to say, along with Disney and Barbie, I can't ignore the American Girls, "they been very very good to me."

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Kathy said...

Yikes! I might have lost my mojo!

The puzzle didn't sell, the Halloween cat didn't sell, the New Year's claker didn't sell.

The American Girl.... oh yeah. Bought for $45, sold for $61. Not huge (even to offset the other three) but did make me feel somewhat vindicated.