Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Find of the week!

I came across this at an estate sale. Price? $9.99. I thought it was just an old Barbie item, (always promising) but was especially drawn to the cool graphic. At $9.99, I thought perhaps the guy running the sale had checked it out on eBay and knew its value. But I bought it anyway. Well, I came home to find out that 1959 was the year on the box and THE FIRST YEAR FOR BARBIE!! I started watching other auctions and this box seemed to go for $70ish. Then I noticed mine had Barbie tm instead of Barbie r. Mine was from the first part of the first year, and my box has a sticker that says "brunette" on it. Brunette dolls were sold once for every three blonde dolls. It's on auction now.

I did have a mishap on eBay with listing this the first time. (and deservedly earned my first negative feedback....) but that's another story.

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We're Trey & Chris said...

Hey Kathy! Thanks for the link to your new blog. Can't wait to follow your expoits as you buy sow's ears at estate sales and find that you DON'T have to turn them into silk purses... just put them on eBay! When you're a billionaire don't forget your friends! --Trey