Thursday, September 20, 2007

$24 Disneyland Ashtray -Sold for $106!

This is another item I have high hopes for. It is listed right now on eBay. It looked pretty old at the sale, but was expensive (to me) $24! I thought about passing it up, but actually went back to the sale to get it. Turns out, the manufacturer of this item made the first round of ceramic plates and goodies when Disneyland opened. This is possibly from the first season. I'll keep you posted on how it turns out.

I got this from the same house as the Barbie Box. Those people certainly knew how to pick winners - first year Barbie, first year Disneyland. I'd like to let that little old person pick some stocks for us.

I'll post an item a day from this and other sales, then report how they turned out for me on eBay.

I'm thinking my little hobby would really benefit from a laptop computer. I could take a good look at the goodies at a sale, run to the car, hopefully find a wi-fi connection, comparison shop on eBay and then buy the item if it makes sense. However, that would take the fun and gambling addiction right out of it... I think that adrenaline high is what fuels me.....!!!

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Julie said...

Wow - hooray on the ashtray! And I noticed your bids on the Barbie box are looking pretty good...