Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weekend Report

OK, so I know I should pace myself, perhaps post an item a day. I've got a backlog of Estate Sale photos stretching back a couple of years. But I can't help but put up FOUR new photos this evening.

First, my sale report. Went to four sales on Friday. None were inspiring. Two sales on Saturday were a bust as well. I had five hours of Girl Scout training Saturday (CPR certified again!) so that really limited my browsing.

This GE SUNLAMP has been what I consider the FIND OF THE WEEK for my estate sale forays this weekend. I was in a house that looked promising but had absolutely nothing. I considered some Cabbage Patch Dolls, but didn't think they were quite old enough to pay for, looked at tools for Dad. Did get a little label maker with tape cartridges for the kids ($1.00) and they L-O-V-E it. But just when I was about to give up, I came across a box of lightbulbs in a laundry room and found this. One dollar for this awesome graphic, and then when I looked at it closely at home I found this bit:
Tell me that mom tanning her toddler isn't worth the whole trip to that house! Because of the package, this item earns a FIND OF THE WEEK award. It is listed on eBay and I'll tell you in a week how it goes.

The first and sadly, best, sale was way over in East Austin. A little old house, carpet ripped out. Sale is in the front living room and on a table on the porch. Very small scale. The stuff in the living room was on three card tables, and piled around the perimeter of the room. Junky stuff and I'm about to leave, but then I see these two girdle tubes. One is boring, but the other, Wowie! Look at that lady leaping around because her girdle is so comfortable. I guess I had the wrong idea about wearing tight constrictive undergarments in steamy, hot Austin. Apparently, it's fun! Cost for these two, 50 cents. I found some other little do-dads that I got for no more than 50 cents... but you'll have to wait to see them.

Because of the dancing girl, this item earns a FIND OF THE WEEK designation.

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Virginian said...

Those tubes alone would bring you a pretty penny on eBay, but if they still had the original girdles in them, they'd likely bring several hundred dollars. Some folks are thoroughly obsessed with antique Playtex products.

There's a lengthy (and completely tasteful) discussion on "the Playtex mystique" here.