Tuesday, March 25, 2008


UGH. I know you have to lose a few, but I had my worst Estate Sale mistake tonight.

First off, I got a call last night, around 10pm from a lady who runs sales. She invited me to a sneak preview of a sale set to start Friday. So I went tonight and quickly found that the house didn't have much for me. It was an amazing house, however...

Anyway, in one room I found some kids' books, including lots of Little Golden Books. I am starting to study those, and remembered reading that if they didn't have the covers they were basically junk. So I look through and grab ones that seem older.

Besides the book, I didn't find much so I headed to the checkout. I overheard a lady checking out who had all the cool stuff in the house. She must have gotten there a few minutes before me and she liked funky town as much as me, great stuff in her box. I overheard her ask about the prices of Little Golden Books, and after that, I assumed she had picked hers out before me and found all the good ones.

So I offloaded the ones with the bad spines. And I carried four books and an old Imperial Pure Cane Sugar Cookbook to checkout. While she was packing to leave, I made the ill fated decision to put down one of the Golden Books with an iffy spine. She snapped it up.

Probably because she knew it was the Holy Grail of Little Golden Books, Little Black Sambo. Too bad I really needed to save that dollar it would have cost me, because they sell for between $50 and $125 on eBay.

No biggie..... AAAARRRRGGGHHH...

by the way, the winners I kept were worth about a buck each. Woo hoo.

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Julie said...

Did we used to have that one as kids? Would that make you feel even worse?