Friday, October 5, 2007

Three Sales so far this weekend....

I'll call these last two weeks my "Educated Guess Weekend Sales". While nothing has struck me as a sure thing, I feel comfortable spending money on items that I predict I won't lose any money on....

This is a German Bisque Googlie eye doll (or so I know now that I've looked it up on eBay!)

Vintage Tupperware "Hourglass" Mini Salt and Pepper with Caddy

Surprise of the week.
Ever since the Sunlamp, I've taken an extra look at any old lightbulbs at estate sales
I bought this for the cool lady on the package, what a surprise to come home and find on eBay, a thriving market in old flash bulbs, bars and cubes for old cameras.
50 cents

Abaca Grainware

1982 Shirley Temple Dolls
I had assumed they were older... hope I get my money back on these scary faced dolls!
$15 for three

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Julie said...

All I can say about those dolls is "Yikes!"