Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I'm back!

I'm back to 100% positive on my eBay feedback rating!!!!! Woopie!!!!

I remember reading a funny story in the Onion about someone grieving over losing their perfect feedback rating. But it wasn't all satire for me, it was too close to home. Then, last month, the unspeakable happened to me. I stepped on some toes and earned my first strike. I had listed the Barbie box after watching some other auctions close. I thought I had a Barbie box worth $60, so I listed with a Buy It Now of $58. It sold instantly.

Buyer paid, then I noticed my box was a bit more special/rare/etc. than I'd previously noticed. So I asked the buyer to let me relist. He was mad, but agreed, and demanded his money back instantly. I paid him back (plus extra) and then he dropped the bomb. NEGATIVE FEEDBACK.

What could I do? I deserved it, but still....

Anyway, I took my lumps, and admitted in my feedback profile that I did mess up and deserved the negative. Resold the box for $265. Was happy that I sold my integrity for such a princely sum... and then started begging the first guy to reconsider and withdraw his feedback.

About a week ago, I'd given up all hope. Then today, in my inbox, the message I was looking for. An invitation to mutually withdraw feedback. EBay Nirvana. So now I'm perfect again. Sort of lame when you think about it, to care so much. But I do.

The end.

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