Monday, July 28, 2008

Another image from last week's sales...Weebles...

and from this week.....

Then, this weekend, I only saw one or two ads in the paper that looked any good. I went, and saw what I would consider three garage sales. OK stuff, but not my usual shopping list.

Then, my last stop was one of those lucky deals. I pulled up to an older house with just tables of stuff. I glanced at the first table and saw an old Finance board game (which is, by the way, a total rip off of Monopoly!)... I asked how much and a perky little girl called her sweet (great) gramma over. Twenty five cents. Heaven!

So I started picking up anything interesting. Soon I found that she was a retired teacher, who worked during the 70s and apparently picked up any of the 50s era textbooks, library books and posters that were about to be thrown away. Every item costs -- twenty five cents!

My biggest score was a plastic bag full of posters, most were self made laminations of photos out of magazines. But the prize was a huge school poster with a "city" on one side and a "farm" on the other. It is magnificent. Cost -- twenty five cents!

I got lots of golden books, some cool old library books, teacher edition text books from the 50s. The whole box full was five bucks, and I tipped her cute perky granddaughter a dollar for telling me over and over that I was their best customer ever!

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