Saturday, December 29, 2007

Finally, a sale!

Wooden block puzzle in a wood box.

It has been a while.... (or so I hear from people who check in)... and now I can update with some fresh photos. I felt pretty good at today's sale. I love the guy who holds these sales, his stuff is good, the prices are fair, and you can't beat the way he writes his classified ads....

"Weller, McCoy, & Siamese Art
Ranch Mink Coat Looking Smart
Harrison Fisher's Pretty Girl
Old Egg Beater Give it a Whirl
Mexican Sterling it Does Gleam
Rare Decanters from Jim Beam
30's Chrome Cocktail Shaker
60's Glass Briard the Maker
Over 200 Butter Knives
For Your Classy Gourmet Lives
19th C. Japanese Wood Block
Commercial Store Sign & Clock
Beautiful Brooches Very Nice
You Will Want to Go Thru Twice
Fab Flow Blue & Murano Glass
Lilli Ann With Style & Sass
Antique Basket of Woven Oak
James Avery's a Talented Bloke
Butter Pats for Your Collection
Paper Weight, Glass Confection
Velvet Postcards Very Camp
Ceramic Tiger T.V. Lamp
Sleepy Eye He's White & Blue
Arts & Crafts Desk Just for You
Ladies' Hats & Collins Purse
Pickard China Ends This Verse

And this is some of what I found (tomorrow, the stuff I'm tempted to keep for myself!):

Girl Scout Collapsible Metal Cup

Funky Eames Era Wall Light Fixture

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